PSI Examination Tutorial:

1. Gives the candidate BASIC INFORMATION about the test.
2. Shows the candidate the KEYS to use during this test.
3. Demonstrates how the candidate can REVIEW the test.
4. Lets the candidate take a SAMPLE TEST.

The time the candidate spends on the tutorial WILL NOT count against their time.

The candidate can repeat the tutorial as many times as they like until they are ready to start the test.

The Keyboard:

The keyboard used for PSI's examinations is a standard QWERTY keyboard. However, only a few keys are actually used for the exam.

Keyboard Help

Answer Keys Yellow Answer Keys

There may be up to 8 yellow answer keys. The candidate uses only the yellow keys to answer the test items as follows:

  • Yellow key marked 1 for response 1.
  • Yellow key marked 2 for response 2.
  • Yellow key marked 3 for response 3.
  • Yellow key marked 4 for response 4.
  • etc.

Candidates may change their selection as many times as they wish by clicking on a key corresponding to a different response.

Help Key Red HELP Key

The red HELP key provides a brief summary of each key's functions. The candidate can press HELP at any time.

Enter Key Green ENTER Key

The green ENTER key enters your responses and moves you through the test.

You MUST press ENTER (or NEXT) to "record" your response.



Holding the ENTER key down may cause the candidate to skip past an item unitentionally. The candidate will still be able to return to skipped questions, unless they end the exam or the time expires.

(Remember, even though the candidate has pressed ENTER, they may go back to the item and change their answer BUT they must press ENTER or NEXT again to record their new answer.)

If the candidate wants to "skip" a item and leave it unanswered, they can also press ENTER without selecting a response choice. The candidate will be moved to the next item.

Next Key Green NEXT Key

The green NEXT key functions like the green ENTER key.

Back Key Green BACK Key

The BACK key moves the candidate to the previous item. Every time they press BACK, the candidate will move backwards by one screen.

Mark Key Blue MARK button

The blue MARK key allows the candidate to mark items for later view. To remove the MARK, the candidate must press the MARK key again. The system will not remove the MARK even if the candidate answers or changes their answer on the MARKED item.

Erase Key Yellow ERASE Key

The yellow ERASE key clears (erases) any response the candidate has made for an item.

Goto Key Green GOTO Key

The green GOTO key gives the candidate 4 options in which to view their exam.

  • GOTO option 1: VIEW ALL

    • VIEW ALL allows the candidate to see all of the items on the test, starting with item 1, one item at a time. This is the default setting for the exam.

  • GOTO option 2: VIEW MARKed.

    • VIEW MARKed allows the candidate to see only those items they have MARKed for view, starting with their first MARKed item.
    • To remove the MARK, the candidate must press the MARK key again. The system will not remove the MARK even if the candidate answers or changes their answer on the MARKED item.


    • VIEW UNANSWERED allows the candidate to see only those items they have left unanswered, starting with the first unanswered item.

  • GOTO option 4: VIEW SPECIFIC

    • VIEW SPECIFIC allows the candidate to see any item they wish by entering the item number.

The current VIEW is displayed in the "status bar."

The candidate can change their answer or erase their answer while in any VIEW. If they are satisfied with their answer, they can press the ENTER key to record it. This causes the next item in that VIEW to be displayed.

Once the candidate has reached the end of that particular VIEW, they will receive a message asking them to choose another view or press ENTER. Pressing ENTER will automatically take them back to the default VIEW of VIEW ALL.

End Key Green END Key

The green END key will end the candidate's exam after asking twice to confirm they wish to end their exam.


Once the candidate has confirmed that they would like to end the test, they CANNOT go back to change any of their answers.


The Examination Screen:

Function Buttons

The "function bar" at the top of the screen provides mouse-click access to the features available on the current test. With the exception of the on-screen calculator, these are also available by using the labeled keys on the keyboard.

End KeyOn-screen Calculator Button

The on-screen calculator is available by clicking this button on the testing screen. The calculator allows the test taker to perform simple calculations during the examination.

Note: The onscreen calculator is not available on all examinations.

Status Bar
The "status bar" at the top of the examination screen gives the status of the current test.
  • "Q: 3 of 40" indicates you are on QUESTION number 3 out of a total of 40 items.

  • "Ans" and "Unans" indicate you have ANSWERED 2 items, and there are 1 UNANSWERED items.

  • "Marked" means you have MARKED 0 items that you may come back to review later.

  • "View" indicates all items on the test are available to you for VIEWING. (see GOTO button.)

  • "Time Left" indicates how many minutes the candidate has remaining on this part of the exam.

The Item

Each item appears on the screen ONE ITEM AT A TIME. The ITEM may display a graphic on the screen or may direct the candidate to reference material, such as a chart or diagram, provided by the proctor.

Each Item has up to five possible alternatives.

The Alternatives

The candidate chooses the alternative they believe best answers the item by pressing the yellow ANSWER keys. The alternative they have selected will be highlighted and an asterisk (*) will appear beside their choice. The candidate must press the green ENTER key or the green NEXT key to record their answer.

The candidate may choose to not answer the item by not selecting an alternative and pressing the green ENTER key or the green NEXT key. This will move the candidate to the next item without recording a response. However, since there is no penalty for wrong answers, the candidate should answer every item by selecting what they think is the best response.

The candidate may change a response at any time during the exam, until the exam time expires or the candidate ends the exam.

Ending the Exam

To end the exam, the candidate must first push the green END key. The candidate is provided the opportunity to either return to the exam or END the exam.

By pressing the green NEXT key, the candidate will end their exam.


Once the candidate ENDs the exam, they cannot go back and view the questions or change an answer

Sample Items

The Sample Items consist of 3 to 12 items which allow the candidate to get an idea how the actual examination works. The Sample Items are not scored and do not count toward the final examination result but are provided for the candidate to get familiar with the computer prior to starting the Scored Portions of the exam.