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Online Practice Test
How to enable JavaScript
Step 1: Select/Click "Tools" from your Internet Explorer menu bar.
Step 2: Select/Click "Internet Options" from the "Tools" menu drop down list. This will open the "Internet Options" window.
Step 3: Select/Click the "Security" tab in the "Internet Options" window. This will display the "Web content zones"
Step 4: Select/Click "Internet" for you web content zone. This should show the security level for this zone.
Step 5: Select/Click the "Custom Level..." button. This should open the "Security Settings" window.
Step 6: Scroll through the settings until you find the heading "Scripting". The "Scripting" heading will have the subheadings "Active scripting", "Allow paste operations via script", and "Scripting of Java applets"
Step 7: Select/Click "Enable" under the "Active scripting" subheading. Click "OK" when exiting each window to save your changes.
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