PSI Testing Center Regulations
  1. No conversing or any other form of communication among candidates is permitted once you enter the examination area.
  2. You are prohibited from reproducing, communicating or transmitting any test content in any form for any purpose. Copying or communicating content is a violation of PSI security policy. Either one may result in the disqualification of examination results, may lead to legal action and will be reported to your Licensing Authority/Sponsor.
  3. Electronic devices and recording devices of any kind (including but not limited to cell phones, pagers, cameras) are NOT permitted in PSI testing centers.
  4. NO personal items should be brought to the testing centers. PSI will not be responsible for any personal items, and suggests that you leave such items in another safe place of your choosing. Only non-programmable calculators that are silent, battery operated, do not have paper tape printing capabilities, and do not have an alphabet keyboard will be allowed in the examination site.
  5. You must present valid, unexpired and acceptable ID(s) in order to take your test. Check your Candidate Information Bulletin or Licensing Authority/Sponsor for the specific rules that apply to your test.
  6. PSI requires all employees and test takers to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Exhibiting abusive behavior towards a proctor or other candidates will be reported to your Licensing Authority/Sponsor and may result in criminal prosecution.
  7. You must arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled exam time in order to be admitted to take your exam.
  8. Persons not scheduled to take a test are not permitted to wait in the testing center or surrounding common areas.
  9. You may not exit the building or use your cell phone or other electronic devices during the examination.
  Note: Individual Licensing Authority or Sponsor policies may supersede any of these regulations