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    NV C-1 Plumbing And Heating
    NV C-10 Landscape
    NV C-13 Using Sheet Metal
    NV C-14 Steel Reinforc/erec
    NV C-14a Reinforcing Steel
    NV C-15 Roofing And Siding
    NV C-15a Roofing
    NV C-17 Lathing And Plaster
    NV C-18 Masonry
    NV C-1a Boilers
    NV C-1b Fire Sprinklers
    NV C-1c Pipe And Duct Insul
    NV C-1d Plumbing
    NV C-1e Sheet Metal
    NV C-1f Heat/cool Circul Air
    NV C-1g Pipes And Vents for Gas
    NV C-1h Water Heat Contractor
    NV C-1i Chilled Water Piping
    NV C-1j Systems to Replenish Breathing Air for Firefighters
    NV C-1k Industrial Piping
    NV C-2 Electrical
    NV C-20 Tiling Contractor
    NV C-21 Refrigeration And Air Conditioning
    NV C-21a Refrigeration
    NV C-21b Ac Contractor
    NV C-21c Sheet Metal
    NV C-21d Refrig And Ac Maint
    NV C-21e Solar Ac
    NV C-21f Chilled and Hot Water Systems
    NV C-21g Industrial Piping
    NV C-23 Drilling Wells
    NV C-2a Electrical Wiring
    NV C-2c Fire Detection
    NV C-2d Low Voltage
    NV C-2e Lines to Transmit Electricity
    NV C-2f Residential Wiring
    NV C-2g Photovoltaics
    NV C-3 Carpentry, Maintenance, and Minor Repairs
    NV C-37 Solar
    NV C-37a Solar Water Heat
    NV C-37b Solar Space Heat
    NV C-37c Solar Ac
    NV C-37d Solar Pool Heat
    NV C-38 Gas Equipment
    NV C-3a Carpentry and Repairs
    NV C-3b Finish Carpentry
    NV C-4 Paint And Decoratng
    NV C-41 Fire Protection
    NV C-41a Auto Fire Sprinklrs
    NV C-41b Fxd Fire Exting Sys
    NV C-41c Fire Detection
    NV C-42 Constructing, Altering or Improving Video Service Networks
    NV C-4a Painting
    NV C-5 Concrete
    NV C-6b Sign Contractor
    NV C-7 Elevation Conveyance
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