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    TX ACR Certified Technician
    TX Athletic Trainer Practical
    TX Athletic Trainer Written
    TX Auctioneer
    TX Closed Loop Geothermal Well Driller
    TX Closed Loop Geothermal Well Driller - SPANISH
    TX Code Enforcement Officer
    TX Commercial Refrigeration A
    TX Commercial Refrigeration A - Spanish
    TX Commercial Refrigeration B
    TX Commercial Refrigeration B - Spanish
    TX Computer Demo Exam - A
    TX Dewatering Well Driller
    TX Dewatering Well Driller - SPANISH
    TX Environmental Air A
    TX Environmental Air A - Spanish
    TX Environmental Air B
    TX Environmental Air B Spanish
    TX General Pump Installer
    TX General Pump Installer - SPANISH
    TX General Well Driller
    TX General Well Driller - SPANISH
    TX Hearing Instrument Fitter Practical
    TX Injection Well Driller
    TX Injection Well Driller - SPANISH
    TX Line-Shaft Turbine Pump
    TX Line-Shaft Turbine Pump - SPANISH
    TX Mold Assessment Consultant
    TX Mold Assessment Technician
    TX Mold Remediation Contractor
    TX Monitor Well
    TX Monitor Well - SPANISH
    TX Podiatric Physician Jurisprudence
    TX Polygraph Examiner Practical
    TX Polygraph Examiner Written
    TX Property Tax Consultant
    TX Property Tax Consultant-Attorney
    TX Registered Accessibility Specialist
    TX Registered Sanitarian
    TX Senior Property Tax Consultant
    TX Single-Phase Pump
    TX Single-Phase Pump - SPANISH
    TX Three-Phase Pump
    TX Three-Phase Pump - SPANISH
    TX Water Well Driller
    TX Water Well Driller - SPANISH
    TX Windmills, Hand Pumps and Pump Jack Installer
    TX Windmills, Hand Pumps and Pump Jack Installer - SPANISH
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