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NOTE: NO personal items are to enter the testing center. PSI will not be responsible for any personal items and suggests that you leave them in a safe place of your choosing.
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Important: Please call 855-579-4644 to speak to a Customer Service Representative.
After 8/31/21 PSI, will no longer be scheduling or providing testing for LREC. Please email for scheduling beyond 8/31/21.
The Louisiana Real Estate Commission has changed the format of its ID system for both Real Estate and Appraiser candidates. They will no longer require you to provide your Social Security Number when you apply to them for your Examination Authorization Form. The commission will assign you an ID number which you must present to PSI when you contact us to register and schedule for your examination.
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Louisiana Real Estate/Appraisal Commission
Below is a summary of information and test center locations for the Louisiana Real Estate Salesperson test. For more complete candidate information you may download an Adobe Acrobat file by clicking the "Download Candidate Information" button below. This file requires you have downloaded Adobe Acrobat Reader software and have installed it on your system. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat you can find it here, Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  Exam Louisiana Real Estate Salesperson
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Louisiana Real Estate Salesperson

Real Estate Salesperson - National (105 minutes)
State Portion (75 minutes)
Fee Cost ($)
Exam Fee 85.00
Retake Fee Cost ($)
Exam Fee 85.00
Other Information
You can take this test on Computer.
Kindly note that this is not an open book test.
Reschedule 2 days in advance by 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.
Cancel 2 days in advance by 5:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.
Schedule 1 day in advance by 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time.

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