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ARRT CANDIDATES: To become licensed you must have taken and passed the Limited Scope Core and one or more of the following: Chest, Extremities, Skull/sinus, Spine and/or Podiatric examination(s).
CLICK HERE for the general rules of the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing in Utah.
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Select the License you have registered for from the list of Licenses available.
    National Radiology Bone Densitometry Examination (ARRT)
    National Radiology Limited Scope of Practice in Radiology Examinations (ARRT)
    UT Chiropractic Law and Rules Examination
    UT Environmental Health Scientist Law Examination
    UT Hearing Instrument Law Examination
    UT Psychology Law Examination
    UT Therapeutic Recreation Technician Theory Examination
    Utah Hearing Instrument Practical Examination
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