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Tennessee Board for Licensing Contractors
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Select the License you have registered for from the list of Licenses available.
    Tennessee Limited Licensed Plumber (LLP)
    TN BC Combined Res/Comm/Indust Contractor
    TN BC-A Residential Contractor
    TN BC-A, b (sm) Combined Res/Small Comm Contractor
    TN BC-A, B Combined Res/Comm Contractor
    TN BC-B Commercial Contractor
    TN BC-b Small Commercial Contractor
    TN BC-B, C Combined Commercial/Indust Contractor
    TN BC-C Industrial Contractor
    TN Business and Law Management
    TN CE Electrical Contractor
    TN CE-A, H High Voltage Electrical Contractor
    TN CMC Full Mechanical Contractor
    TN CMC-A Mechanical Plumbing
    TN CMC-C Mech Hvac/Refrigeration Contractor
    TN CMC-D Mech Fire Sprink and Protect Contractor
    TN Licensed Masonry Contractor
    TN LLE Limited Licensed Electrician
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